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Interesting story about Bill Cook and Charlie Gardiner. Apparently Bill Cook had quite the backhand:

Originally Posted by Montreal Gazette, Jan 28, 1942
...But that knowledge of an opposing forward's mannerisms is what helps the goalie.

Chuck Gardiner explained it to us once. He was talking about Bill Cook, who was then one of the league's leading scorers.

"Bill had a great backhand shot and he scored a lot of goals with it, Gardiner told us. "One of his pet tricks was to fake a shot on one side of the net, but hold the puck and go right across the mouth of the goal and then let fly with that backhand into the other corner. I used to pretend that I had fallen for that fake and then crowd the near side of the net. But before the puck had left Bill's stick on his favorite backhand shot, I'd have swung over to the other side and was read for it."

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