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04-24-2011, 06:42 AM
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I'm not holding my breath on Kreider, Hagelin, Bourque, Thomas or Werek. McIlrath will play in the NHL and will be good at that but us Ranger fans will expect more from him due to his high draft position.

I'm a long time Ranger fan and can honestly say prospects no longer excite me unless they are no miss prospects and we don't have a single one of them. The days of Lundmark, Jessiman, Cliche, Korpikoski, Dawes, Baranka, Prucha, Brendl, Malhotra & Sanguinetti should still be fresh in some of the younger Ranger fans around here. They were all supposed to be big time scorers or play-makers, or PPQB's or shut down defensemen or top two way forwards. Not one of them panned out for us.

I have my doubts now about Grachev even making it and if we keep screwing around with Del Zotto he'll be traded not before long. The only player we had that was IMO gonna be a sure hit was the russian kid Cherepanov (RIP)

Next year is huge for A.A and also for Boyle (to see if he can keep it up).. also as much as everyone raves about Dubinsky and Callahan, what exactly have they shown besides being excellent 3rd liners, decent 2nd liners? Gaborik is starving for the puck out on the ice and nobody can play at his skill level. No wonder it looked like he gave up this season. Christensen? Please, what an insult. If we are lucky, Callahan will turn into a poor mans Ryan Smyth (when he was good with the Oilers, captain, lots of heart, 30 goal scorer) and Dubinsky believe it or not looks like a younger Prospal, a **** tease to say the least. Prospal had two great seasons (79 & 80 points) and the rest were filled with 50 points here and there. Dubinsky looks like he's going down that path fast. The more I think about it, Dubinsky would be lucky to see 80 points, he'd have to be playing with Richards & Gaborik to even see that.

This team is all meat & potatoes. I don't see any scoring/set up skill and the skill I do see isn't going to carry this team. We have some kids on the roster that a lot of teams would love to have, I say trade 3 of them with a pick & prospect for a top top skilled player, I can't remember the last team that won a stanley cup without 2 or 3 or more highly skilled forwards and 1 great puck moving defenseman.

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