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Originally Posted by SuburbanArgyle View Post
There was a USA Hockey campaign back in the mid-90's that was all about keeping your head up (open ice mostly, I think), but I recall something about being taught to keep your head up going into the boards also. But they did also say something about trying to hit the boards with anything besides the head first.
I think i found what you were talking about:

It's a bit of a goofy video, but it's really interesting. They don't expand on the medical side of it much, but it turns out my reasoning for preventing a spine injury was completely wrong. Sorry about that!

Originally Posted by noobman View Post
If at all possible I try to go feet first, just so that as I'm sliding in I can use my skate blades to dig into the ice and try to slow myself down a bit.

If all else fails I'll just try and hit the boards in a position where I can do sort of a squat to absorb the impact, or let my shin guards take the blunt of it.
Yeah, i fall over all the time because i'm still a beginner and slide for miles on end, haha, and i find the only way to regain control quickly is to dig the blade in. It helps a lot!

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