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04-24-2011, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Jesus Toews View Post
The deflection goal doesn't happen if he doesn't make a boneheaded play with the puck. He put it right on Richardson's stick in an attempt to clear. Yeah, blame Boyle and Murray on the second goal if you want but a competent NHL goaltender really shouldn't have a rebound deflect off their glove right to an opposing player's stick.

The "going with the guy who got us here" mentality makes no sense to me on so many levels. First of all, got us where, exactly? Six games deep in a series against an AHL-caliber offense and forced to win a critical Game 6 on the road lest risk emptying the tank for any potential future round? Niemi had a terrific February and he's obviously a good goaltender. He's been ridden like a horse over the last two months for no apparent reason by the coaching staff and it has been evident in his play since early March. You don't go with the anointed "No. 1," especially when you've already given him two chances to bounce back in this series and he's gone on to fail miserably on both occasions. You go with the netminder who gives you the best chance to win the next hockey game. That has to be Nitty at this point.

He had a great bounce back game in Game 4, so I wouldn't say he's "failed miserably on both occasions". Bottom line is that Niemi is the better tender, so that's the guy I want in net. He was awful in Game 3 but recovered nicely in Game 4, and I'm not willing to pin Game 5 on him even though it looks bad in the box score. Call me an idiot but I think he'll come back strong again in Game 6 if given the chance.

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