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04-24-2011, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
Richter didn't have a Richter-like godmode until he was surrounded by Leetch, Messier, Kovalev, Graves etc. All of the aforementioned had real offensive abilities. No one, I repeat no one has those kinds of skills on the present team.

Richter also had some real stinkers in the playoffs before 94. And let's not forget the goals he gave up in 94. And let's not forget the crossbars hit by Vancouver in Game 7that had Richter clearly beaten.

If the Rangers don't win, people would still be whining about Richter's failure in the big spot.
Richter only goalie in 71 years to win a a cup as a Ranger
Richter All star MVP
Richter Gold medal and MVP
Richter silver medal

That's 4 pretty big spots where he performed. When Richter was bad he was bad. When Richter was on he was spectacular to watch. But I always thought of him as inconsistent maybe more so than Hank which is why he is perceived to have a God mode. His lows were a bit lower and his highs a bit higher than Hank's.

And the crossbars and ifs comment is silly. You could use that as an argument against any goaltender or player for that matter.

There some revisions going on here on both sides of the argument. People are just as guilty of trying to tear Richter down a bit to make Hank look better as they are of building Richter up to make Hank look worse.

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