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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
Habs back into playoffs again

Literally. On ultra-slow-motion replay it is seen that PK Subban was actually skating BACKWARDS at the moment he struck the puck which fooled Corey Crawford and flukily floated by his usually solid glove.

Yes, for the second year in a row, the Habs barely squeak into the playoffs with a disappointing overtime game in front of their own fans. Can't even win a game in regulation when they have to. The 1-1 score after three periods flattered this poorly-run and poorly-coached team. In fact, if not for the horseshoe up backup goaltender Carey Price's behind, the Black Hawks would have scored 43 goals. It is especially maddening to see Price, who made no effort to stop Patrick Kane's average shot, playing nets almost every night when number one goalie Eurosave I-Like was sent to star in Saint Louis for no reason other than to just punish his chatty agent.

This team gets almost every decision wrong. For just one example, management gave away Matt D'Agostini who is now a regular in the very strong Western Conference while keeping disrespectful PK Subban over him. The kid simply can't play the wight way, as Darren Pang has noted, and was a HEALTHY SCRATCH five freakin times! What a waste of a second-round draft pick that could have been better used instead to rent Olli Jokinen for a month back in 06-07.

The team's defensive "system" is non-existent. There is no consistency. The number of shots given up each game varies WAY too much. Over 30 times this year, we allowed the other team to shoot more than we do, while in many of the remaining games, a lot of our own shots were weak, as evidenced by the fact that opposing goaltenders stop most of them.

We only won three shootouts this year, one of the worst records in the league. This goes to show the terrible talent Pierre Gauthier has assembled. And Jacques Martin? He kills offense just by getting up in the morning. For example, after seeing what Nigel Dawes could do on an unmolested penalty shot, he still managed to kill this budding superstar's confidence and Dawes was not able to do a single other thing right for the team.

I don't know what some people in the minority are all excited about this morning. Sure we made the playoffs, but there is a very good chance we will not win the Cup. And we all know whose fault that is.
I think one of Martin's biggest weaknesses is failure to adjust. He stifles creativity because he doesn't understand it. And when the opposition throws a different look at the Habs, he just plods on never adapting to these changes.

Technically, I think he knows his own system better than any coach in the league but there is never any deviation from that one standard approach.

One thing that has bothered me is his reluctance to give youth a chance. I think he goes back to the veterans because he knows what they have done in the past and is under some delusion that they can produce the same results they did before. Because rookies have a limited history he has no reference point by which to gauge what they might accomplish. In other words, he doesn't seem to have the vision to recognize how a talent might develop. He continues to look backward at what has been done in the past rather than forward at what might be done in the future.

Until that changes, we will be watching the stifling low-scoring games that have become a trademark of the Canadiens under Martin.

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