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08-11-2005, 04:53 PM
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Originally Posted by jin
I'm going to call you somewhat pessimistic (but with Canuck luck who can blame you?). A guy goes and posts a list of like 5 players who have similar production to Ohlund all making less then 2.5 and all other Canucks fans keep saying is that he's going to get 3.5.

If the Canucks get Ohlund for 2.75 and Cooke for 1.25 (fairly conservative but still possibly low) they still have 2.5 of cap space (23 man roster). Drop a minimum wage of 450K allocated to a #5 d-man and add Witt (1.672M). That leaves us with 1.3M of cap space which is enough to go to the deadline with (can add 6 mill in salary at the deadline).
Cooke's salary at $1.25mill I can understand... I would actually see that as a 3yr contract for him, with that kind of raise on his last contract.

With Ohlund, what worries me is this:

the list of guys posted at $2.5mill salaries have mostly signed qualifiers or near their qualifiers - if Ohlund signs a 1 yr deal, or takes his qualifier, that's what it'll be - or close to that, IMO. But that means he's a UFA next season.

The canucks want him longterm, he wants to stay longterm... so I'm looking at the Morrison signing as more of a reflection of it - basically Morrison signed for just under his regular salary last year, prior to 24% rollback. Ohlund may do the same - which puts him around $$3.3-3.5mill... he is our team's most important dman - the team knows this, the fans know this, and his agent knows this (arbitration will know this).... with that in mind, seeing him sign at $3.5mill for 3-5 years, would be a good contract for the canucks.

If he takes a 1 yr deal, then he's likely going to be around what the other comparable $2.5mill RFAs signed for... if he goes to arbitration he could get a lot more, given his icetime (#1 on the canucks - 2.5mins more than Jovo at #2) will be a major stat when looking at how important a dman he is to the team.

If the canucks can sign him for $3mill-$3.5mill on a 3-5 yr deal, I'd be happy... if he takes a 1yr deal at $2.5mill (qualifier), I'd be disappointed (with his UFA status). So whatever he can get in arbitration, I would hate - it'll be more than his qualifier and on a 1 yr deal.

I'm still expecting a longterm deal for him, given both the team and him wanting to do just that.

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