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04-24-2011, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
I've always been fond of Granato.
I'll assume you're talking about Cammy, but she's married to Ray Ferraro.
So the question remains, who do you want as a coach?

Originally Posted by JR28 View Post
Actually Terry took Philly to the Finals, so he is one up on Tippet.
Originally Posted by JR28 View Post
Your welcome. That is where the infamous choker label Terry put on the flyers while in that series against Detroit. As true as his statement was, it got him fired. It might make sense as to the reason why he is guarded in the words he chooses during his press conferences, that everybody seems to lambast him on.
Yeah, that was TM alright. His smug attitude and inability to self analyze cost him a job. If it wasnt for DL, I'd wager he'd still be unemployed. I think it says something (something not good) about a coach when he insults the whole group like that to make up for his own shortcomings as a coach. Its never him or his decisions.

Originally Posted by R0CKET View Post
Dave Tippett - he's not going to move if the team leaves Phoenix.
Thats my . . . thinking, as well.

Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Well if he wants to coach in the NHL he'll have to move somewhere. Why not Winnipeg?
You have obviously never been to Winnipeg. If you had, that question would have answered itself for you.

Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
Obviously given my screen name I'd love to see Keenan brought in but I also understand the baggage he carries. I prefer a coach with some anger behind the bench and with a history of being able to win the big games helps. Unfortunately, those guys are few and far between. Tough call for Lombardi and you really can't be an armchair GM until the playoffs are over for the Kings. If LA pulls it out this discussion doesn't even happen.
I dont know if its ANGER behind the bench thats needed, but it sure does seem that some fiery intensity would help this team at times, and it could be used to light a fire under certain players butts too!

But this discussion is currently premature.


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