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04-24-2011, 07:38 PM
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I write right, throw a ball right, play goal "regular" (left hand catch), but bat left, play hockey left, use my left hand to mouse...

Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
What amazes me is guys that play hockey left, and golf right... makes no sense to me. Weight transfer is weight
I'm a natural lefty in golf, but my dad taught me to golf right when I was in junior high. Clubs are easier to come by, and he said (don't know if this is true), that courses are designed with the tendencies for righties in mind because they are the vast majority.

It didn't take long to learn against my natural hand, and it feels perfectly normal to me now. When I'm goofing around with a baseball bat and go to golf a ball sitting on the ground, I even switch hands without thinking about it...

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