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04-24-2011, 07:41 PM
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one has to wonder whether the success of the krejci line in the regular season (and the comparative success of the third line in the playoffs) hinges on the way the bruins are built

taken in a vacuum, i'm of the opinion that the krejci line is in the bottom third of first lines throughout the league; however, with a very good second line in the bergeron line and a very good third line in whomever has dressed in terms of production, i think that the question for other teams boiled down to "who do we defend tonight" since you effectively had three second lines

montreal has effectively matched up against krejci's line when possible, and clearly krejci and lucic haven't done themselves any favors with their play, but the montreal gameplan of shutting them down has worked fairly well; at the same time, look back to game three, and you see the third line capitalizing repeatedly

that makes the bruins deep, but it doesn't really engender a whole lot of confidence that they'll go a long way since they really don't have a guy that can take over a game by himself

along those lines, i'd trade everyone on the bruins and my firstborn to get datsyuk, if only because every game and postgame interview would be relentlessly entertaining

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