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08-11-2005, 07:55 PM
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Do it.

I had never played organized hockey as a kid, just pick up and pond Hockey.

Living here in L.A. I got kinda home sick and just like you, on a whim went to a rink and signed up. That was two years ago and I was 33 at the time. I was playing at the lowest level, and then after a couple of seasons I tryed out for a higher level and was placed on a team. so I am playing two nights a week now and am improving every time i get out there. Its a blast. My lower level team got bumped up because we went undefeated one season, and the league administration asked me to captian a beginner team next season.

best advice would be to just find the best guy on your team and learn from him. Basicaly I just told my captian on my first day that I'm a noobie and I need you to yell at me for a while till I learn, and it worked out great. he put me on defence with the best player on the team as my D partner and he yells and more importantly encourages me every step of the way.

Most important rule is to have fun Dang it!

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