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04-24-2011, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by QuebecPride View Post
Why is it ridiculous? Older fans are used to have a team filled with kids from Québec, whether they are anglophone/francophone. That's how the habs were winning in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Even in 93, there were 13 Quebeccers in the team. Isn't it normal for a group of fans to want some players they can compare to? I think it is. Fact is, if instead of drafting Fischer they would have drafted Giroux, we'd be a contender. If instead of drafting either Patches/Mcdonaugh , they would have drafted Perron, we'd be a contender. I can't blame the team for not signing Star quebeccers though because obviously they want nothing of Montréal and I understand them, it would a friggin' big amount of pressure to support to be the 'only' good Quebeccer on the team. Having to answer to the journalists after every game even though you have nothing to do about the GWG or the error that cost the game. Have you ever noticed that frenchys are always interviewed, no matter what? Also, I've been growing in a decade where my captain couldn't speak a word of french, and for the whole love that I have for Saku, i was sad about it. How can I identify myself to this team?
The montreal canadiens used to be Quebec's team... And you could have pride cheering for it because it was 'our' team. Just like Team Canada is Canada's team...

I think if they bring more than one star quebeccer they will accept to come up here and play. For the moment we have to draft them but they rarely get to our picks...
Giroux's from Ontario and Max Pacioretty provides an impact on this team than Perron would never give. Power forwards are needed on this team far more than snipers with a limited physical game. He'll end being a much more important player for MTL.

Quebec isn't producing many good hockey players right now. It's a fact, Huberdeau is the first Quebec-born forward to be a Top-5 draft candidate since Lecavalier. Canadiens will draft if a talented player is there (or not, teams do miss, Giroux would go Top-5 in a re-do of the 2006 draft). But they aren't duty-bound to grab them. They've given undrafted players contracts like Desharnais, Lefebvre, Masse, Desjardins and so on. How far does this team have to go to grab players who don't exist?

They've missed out on a multitude of more talent in the WHL and OHL in the last 10 years than they ever missed in the Q.

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