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Originally Posted by Vagrant View Post
It is flat out embarrassing to read that Drury *should* retire based upon some convoluted sense of dignity or pride or loyalty to the Rangers. Get that! Quitting and giving up because you have pride. People need to realize that the only people that look at cap hits and salaries are fans and GMs. The guys in the room? They couldn't give two squats how much Drury makes. At least if they're doing their job right. If Drury loves his team and his teammates and wants to come back and help them, THAT is pride. That is your loyalty. Not quitting because you've had some bad breaks and not "lived up to", the ridiculously inflated expectations that this albatross of a contract has saddled him and the team with. The pressure with a contract like this goes both ways. He gave the team 2 really strong years of around 60 points at the start of the contract and then regressed a bit last year and stayed injured the majority of this season.

How in this day and age has quitting become the honorable thing to do? That is the most confusing logic on this whole situation I have read. If you can't play exactly the same way or contribute in exactly the same as we signed you for on the day you inked your deal, the honorable thing to do is to walk away. Hardly.

I hope Chris Drury comes back next season, for the Rangers, and posts 40-50 points and makes the people begging him to retire eat a fat plate of crow.
Take away Drury's pre-Rangers legacy/reputation and his NMC, and he would be off this team just like every other player who performs way below the expectations of management & the coaching staff (forget about what the fans think). Hockey is a business, worrying about players' feelings is an afterthought. Did management worry about Scott Gomez's feelings when we traded him to Montreal for his questionable play just 2 years into his 7 year deal? What about Redden's feelings when we buried him in the minors for the remaining 4 years of his contract? Even if you consider Drury's pre-Rangers salary ($5 mil), he'd still be ridiculously overpaid even today for what he's capable of producing for us. Did everyone watch him closely this year? He's a step behind the play, doesn't really do anything with the puck on his stick when he's got it, and looks like a shell of the player he was his first 2 years with the Rangers... Let's not pretend that the only reason why Drury's being criticized is because of his contract... Look at how our head coach handles Drury... He plays him on the 4th line where his play dictates he should be playing.

Bottom line is that the guy doesn't deserve the "courtesy" of playing out the final year of his contract based solely on his reputation. The last 2 seasons have proven that Drury's game has rapidly deteriorated to the point where he's been relegated to minimal minutes on our 4th line. Take away the name tag on the back of the jersey and the No Movement Clause, and it's pretty obvious that any other player in his shoes would have been traded/waived by now.

Rangers will buy him out in June anyway or else they have zero chance at signing Richards and re-signing their key RFA's, so he won't even get the chance to make any nay-sayers eat crow next season, not that he would be capable of doing that anyway based on how his game has digressed over the last 2 seasons.

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