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10-15-2003, 07:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Lexicon Devil
Give me a break with the "Ohio state flag" stuff. You know very well that they wouldn't have included the state flag if it didn't bear such a strong resemblance to the American flag and the patriotic theme they are obviously going for.

The team and their hired designers secretly decided that "we want to look like we're wearing the American flag, but not be obvious about it. Let's CLAIM that we're wearing the state flag, instead."

Originally, there was some consideration given to naming the team after the state, and not Columbus (as did Minny, Colorado,....). The state flag gimmick is partly an attempt to connect the team to the entire state, and not just central Ohio (as there are many Wings and Pens fans in other parts of the state, dating from before Columbus had a team). This is admittedly a blatant attempt to increase the fan base throughout the state.

The state flag was also used in the design to further strengthen what the whole 'Blue Jacket' name is supposed to represent: the state's contributions to the Civil War, including the fact that the state sent the most citizens---per state---to fight for the Union Army, and the fact that the state was a leader in supplying the Union Army with clothing and other goods. The use of the state flag on the 3rd---along with the Union kepi on a shoulder patch---does this much better than a 'stinging insect wearing a blue jacket' theme could.

This was the stated purpose in the design of the 3rd, like it or not. Using, say, orange and purple for the colors---in order to not resemble the American flag--- wouldn't have worked, as the state flag is not orange and purple. Using the state flag of another state---Hawaii, for instance---in order to not look similar to the American flag wouldn't have worked either, for obvious reasons.

In retrospect, it would have been much simpler if the team had just taken on yet another animal name, like 'the Wombats', or 'the Lobsters'.

How dare they try to be original.

Edit: the Ohio state flag is unique, in that it is not rectangular, but penant-shaped. It was also recently voted---in a national poll---as being one of the best of the 50 state flags. I think these facts were given consideration when designing the 3rd.

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