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04-24-2011, 11:16 PM
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The 'system'

So I watched tonight's epic Canucks-Blackhawks game and compared it to last night's Bruins-Habs game. Other than highlights, I don't watch other entire games so the flow of the game seemed very different for me.

First of all, both VAN and CHI had defensemen who made plays. They intercepted, they played with the puck, made sharp passes to streaking forwards and TOOK THE BODY. Secondly, their forwards always carried the puck into the O-zone instead of chipping it like the Habs (and Rags) do. Their forwards challenged the opposing D, instead of taking to the boards they played heads-up and made plays.

Other than that, both of those teams, but more notably Chicago, were very comfortable with the puck. They kept the puck 1-2 seconds longer than we usually do, they were patient and sharp with their passes. Not just Kane and Toews, but Bolland's line, Hossa's line, every line.

All that to say: compared to Game5 of the BOS-MON series, the VAN-CHI game was much, much better. Habs hockey looks terrible compared to these teams'. I understand that it's a stifling defensive system and we can beat any team in the league with it but it's still ridiculously inefficient in terms of plays completed and successful set-ups.

If game5 hadn't gone to OT everybody would've rated it as the worst game the Habs played all year. Chippy passes, rolling pucks, miscues and misplays, no communication, and so on.

They couldn't set up on a powerplay which has been a major issue in the JM era. How come an NHL hockey team with NHL players who get paid much more than the league average NOT be able to set up a simple 5-on-4 powerplay? It's always the same play, chip it in, off-winger races to get it and blind passes the puck to the pinching d-man... Except when the chip gets intercepted by the opposing goalie, or the off-dman, or the off-winger who ices it and kills off 40seconds of our PP time. How come they never get the puck to the slot? Or skate it in and keep it instead of chipping it along the boards?

Is it the GM's fault for spending to the cap and not having the talent to play actual hockey or JM's fault for pulling in the reigns too tight and being overly negative? Or who cares, as long as we win?

If JM gets fired after this season will Kirk Muller be any different?

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