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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
I have really good feelings about this one. Had mixed feelings about the Game 6 last season (thought we would win, didn't feel great about our chances), but the problems we had in that series have also been our problems in this series.


I feel good about our chances this time. Their goaltending has been porous and they have shown their weaknesses. The Kings major weakness has been after the Sharks grab a goal. They start overthinking and collapse. They were able to keep this from happening Saturday when the Sharks were really feeling their oats. THAT IS PROGRESS. They showed they have learned something and matured as a team. It gives good feelings. I feel strongly about this team. They did what they were not able to do in two of their losses. These are good things. The Kings need to score first and keep the pressure on, and most importantly, maintain good position, not take stupid penalties, not hang the goaltender out to dry.

Go Kings Go!
I think the difference between ths year and last is Jonathan Quick. Quick is a much stronger goaltender this year then he was last and he wasn't as overworked as last year. Against the Canucks he was good the first 3 games. In game 4 he was good until the 3rd period he fell apart. Then game 5 Vancouver steamrolled him and the Kings and game 6 he fell apart once again in the 3rd. This year against the Sharks he is not falling apart. He's been good from start to finish, while being great in game 5. However it is the team itself that fell apart in games 3 and 4. Anyway we need Quick to play the same way he has throughout this series and the Kings defensively not to fall apart. We will win if that happens, as San Jose has shown it can't score on it's own. They need help from the Kings to score, whether it is from turnovers or shoddy defense.

GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!!


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