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04-25-2011, 03:53 AM
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Originally Posted by zuccarellofan36 View Post
the screws will not line up correctly with the mask
Actually I believe the other Bauer/Itech cat eye will match up with the certified one.(Has to be the 961/9601 but will be tight) But as you're from calgary the biggest problem will be finding a cats eye cage to begin with. As health canada has banned them completely so mask companies aren't allowed to sell them to retailers, so all you'll find is what is still left over. Now if you can find a US retailer that will sell you the cage as Bauer has a policy that canadian retailers can't sell to american addresses and vice versa, that would be your only other choice. Any other cages you will most likely have to drill new holes. You could always just go with the 2500 approved cage as that would work, just a warning though the 2500/1200 is being phased out if you go this route.(Being replaced by NM5 AND NM3)

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