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04-25-2011, 04:12 AM
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The Big Picture
In reality, and this sucks, this is supposed to be THE year for us. Imagine if Gomez, Drury and Redden-signings would have been the real deal. If Redden would have been Chara, if Gomez would have scored 85 pts and Drury 40+30. Then we would have had great depth thanks to our kids, and a scoring punch. Then we would have been a contender this season.

Well tough luck, they all sucked. Now we are in a dangerous phase, there is a risk that we can be caught at a level were we are too good to improve but still not good enough to contend.

We now need to make like 3-4 helluva good moves, or moves that we already have made needs to turn out to be helluva good moves. I mean if Kreider turns out to be a 35 goal scorer and Zucc a 30+45 type of player, along with a successful signing of a player like a Brad Richards, then we could still challenge like Pittsburg. But we need to be aware that its going to take a couple of Staal& Hank type of steals really to take a step and become a contender. Pittsburg is going to be a helluva team next season most likely... Scary thought.

-The Good
We all know who they are. Staal taking another step. Sauer and McD. Step getting into the league. Boyle improving, hopefully more then his pricetag though. Zucc getting his feet wet in a pretty good fashion.

-The Bad
Michael Del Zotto's season was a disaster. Definitely on par with if Stepan would end up in the AHL next season. MDZ was put on the PP point, despite not being ready for it. And kept there. That ruined his confidence. He can definitely still recover, but we can't screw around with him next season too, this time we need to put him in a perfect environment.

Gabby clearly could not get it done with Christensen and co for long parts of the season, but everyone else worked well together so he was kept in that environment all year. In hindsight, that was a very questionable move...

The Coach
I see him as a skipper who takes very good care of his ship, but you gotta question the direction he is sailing it.

To make a long story short, Torts developed his philosophy in the trapping era. During that time you could not make any misstakes in the neutral zone. But loaded teams still needed a way to take advantage of their firepower. So teams like Colorado, Dallas and co developed a system were you played extremely simple hockey before you got through the neutralzone and below the hashmarks. And thats how we play today. We start to attack when we get below the hashmarks. Before that out game is developed to not make any misstakes.

Looking around the league in the PO's for example, thats completely opposite of how all other team plays. They take risks and takes the puck to the net from the redline and in. All teams have been drilled and have set plays to attack and be creative from the time they get the puck in their own end. D's move the puck D to D to find openings, a pass i made up ice and D's are challenged with speed at the blueline.

As opposed to us who sends a slapper pass up to the redline were some one re-directs it into the attacking zone. We have no plays to open up things for a skilled player like Gabby.

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