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Originally Posted by CanuckGame39 View Post

-Shooting the puck (i can shoot a plastic street puck amazingly and im not sure why i have a hard time getting the puck off the ice i think this is because of my skating and balance etc...)

i feel that if i could skate properly and had strength on my skates i could be a competitive player out there and actually have fun instead of feeling sad because i feel i let my team mates down after every shift

Skating is the biggest factor in hockey. Everything else will develop with good skating and balance.

Public skates are your best bets if you do not feel comfortable at all just goin around on skates, but if its more the fast paced turns/stops that you have issues with you'll just have to go to an open hockey or stick time to learn.

As for getting worried and embarrassed about falling etc....EVERYONE has done it at some point(especially as beginners) and you'll even see people still do it even with years under their belt, with ice it is only natural that every once in awhile you might lose your footing.

Just get back out there and work at it, the sooner you push through the beginner stuff the sooner you can work on your shot and all the fun stuff.

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