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08-11-2005, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Brad
Just curious, could a Sens fan give me a run down of their lines?
Yeah, and please CC this to me. I think this will make some good water cooler laughs at the office. Ottawa is the same old same old every year. Oh hold on, they added the 40 year old human slinky for a goaltender. I wonder if the Sens fans ever learned what haven't to a slinky after if got used too much.

As for Sens fan that laughed when I said how the Leafs have a decent line up, here you go:

GP PTS +/-
McCabe 75 53 22
Kaberle 71 31 16
Klee 66 25 -1
Khavanov 48 10 2
Berg 79 9 -1
Average 67.8 25.6 7.76
$9.952m 2005-2006 season

GP PTS +/-
Chara 79 41 33
Redden 81 43 21
Phillips 82 23 15
de Vries 66 16 12
Pothier 55 8 6
Average 72.6 26.2 17.4
$12.236m 2005-2006 season

*As you can see I only listed who is signed for the upcoming season from the Sens

It's kind of hard to still go with these stats considering we lost an NHL season, but you can see that we have better scorers overall and Ottawa does have a much better +/-. The big hit for the Leafs was the loss of Leetch but getting Khavanov was better than nothing. But The Sens are paying $2.3m more on their defence to get the better stats. Overall though, the defence for both teams is quite similar, it's not like one team blew the other team out of the water.

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