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04-25-2011, 08:10 AM
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As do most of you, I think that Drury's time as an NHL player is over. Age and injuries have taken their toll.
As do most of you, I hope that he either retires or that the Rangers buy him out.

But the venom directed against him by many on the boards is totally uncalled for. Leadership comes in many forms and the strong but silent type is a time-tested leadership method. You don't have to rant and yell to be a leader. I'd bet that, behind the scenes this year, Drury had a major and profound influence on our young leadership core. Cally, Dubi, Stepan (who I think I recall saying something about how important Drury was to him this year) and others, I'm sure have internalized much of what he told them.

Dru seems to have the total respect of both his fellow players and Torts. He seems to be a player with immense pride, In his situation, pride would lead some to retire. With others, that pride would lead them to return. I've always had admiration for players, in any sport, where they literally have to tear the uniform off of the player for him to quit.

Sure the Rangers would be best served by him either retiring or being bought out. I hope that happens. But if Dru decides to come back for one more year, more power to him. The hatred towards him is frankly disturbing.

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