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08-11-2005, 09:39 PM
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It's soo simple

Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO
It does the caps no good to keep him. He will leave next season anyways. Only reason he'd even be good there is because of experience on a green blueline - but there are cheaper vets available, and those that don't openly express that they wouldn't mind being elsewhere - basically if you want a player-coach on the blueline, there are better options.

Other players that have been traded for little aren't bad players either... it's just part of the business now... if the caps have no hopes for the playoffs (and they don't), why not just give more icetime to another younger dman, and bring in a cheaper veteran for experience to play a smaller role on the ice (and a bigger role in the dressing room)? get another prospect and/or pick, and add it to your rebuilding.

Also would be a good move for the organization - moving a longterm part of the team to a contender as he's asked, while he's on the final year of his deal.

If Witt doesn't want to move, then it'd be different, but if he's said at the very least he wouldn't mind being on a contender, I see no reason not to just grant his wish, then hold on to him till he becomes a UFA and walks anyways (without even a draft pick back).
You're absolutely DOES do the Caps good to keep Witt. With all of our young dmen, a hardworking vet would only help mold those guys. Rest assured McPhee will do what's ultimately best for the team. If that means having Witt play here until the trade deadline so he can mentor some of the youngsters, then that's what will happen. If it means trading Witt tomorrow, because we're getting quality assets in return, then that will happen. We're not giving Witt away for free face it...

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