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04-25-2011, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by gobears19 View Post
Are you Obrien's agent or something? I don't know what you infatuation is with him. He's exactly as advertised - average positionally, somewhat tough, dumb, no offense, fun in the locker room/community.

When he's not playing dumb, it's he's an asset; when he is playing dumb, he can kill you.

He's been playing dumb for 5 games...

Diverting attention to Franson or other D-men is useless, because they are totally different types of players who have different jobs. Franson's value is about double Obriens, by the way.
I can see you are alone in this debate since the entire coaching staff disagrees with you. I've heard Trotz mention NUMEROUS times that he is our best PKer.

Franson's value is NO WHERE CLOSE to double. They are actually about the same. Franson's minutes are limited to late in the game when we are down by 2 or on the PP. Pretty much EXCLUSIVELY those times. O'Brien's minutes are limited to when we are up by 1 or 2 and on the PK. Just listen to Crispy talk about O'Brien and how is a playoff performer and such a great team guy. I'm not sure how you miss all these great comments about him...

ALL physical dmen take penalties (it is why they consider 'great' power-forwards ones with 30 goals and 100+ PIM). If you walk the line of being very physical (and take a few penalties for it here and there), you can still be an average stay-at-home dman. I'm sorry that you can't see this because you miss out on so much.

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