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04-25-2011, 11:00 AM
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This coming from a Blackhawks fan.

The reason you guys can't/won't win....AV. He does nothing to counter the Hawks matchups. Moving a Dman in/out does nothing. I didn't watch any of your regular season games, but what does he do to prepare his team for the playoffs?

Can the Sedins only play on the same line? If so...then thats lame. If VAN would create some sort of 3 lines...they would be a better team.


2 - 100pt scorers on each of the first 2 lines, and a 40goal scorer on the checking line. And before the "Maholtra was that guy" tears start flowing - injuries happen and the COACH needs to prepare his team for them. Hawks - in this series alone - were without Kopecky, Bickell, Bolland and Seabrook....with Toews, Brouwer and Sharp nowhere near 100% at the start of this. Quennville juggles lines all season long to try different combinations building for this.

If AV somehow created 3 lines like this, he can put Kessler vs Toews...and still have 2 scoring lines, to figure which one Bolland will play against, freeing up the other. Personally, I'm glad the guy is an idiot, and without the Cup, I'm sure he's gone next year (at least if I were you, I'd want him gone).

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