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04-25-2011, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Canucklehead View Post
I have to agree with petri, I thought AV actually showed some pretty damn good gamesmanship. I know some people have been critical of the last-minute switch to Schneider, but I thought it was a pretty good poker move on his part. The Hawks were preparing for Luongo and studying Luongo--throwing a different goaltender in there at the last minute shfited the whole dynamic.

Oreskovich and Alberts were somewhat non-factors and in hindsight with Salo going down, Ballard would have been a better guy to go in. But the Schneider switch seemed to give the Canucks some jump and made the Hawks a bit hesitant. Unfortunate he had some bad miscues with the puck, but overall I thought Schneider was quite good.
I agree. I'm not sure why people are *****ing about AV and his gamesmanship? I was annoyed at AV after the Game 5 press conference when he quickly named Luongo the game 6 don't give your enemy that kind of intel with that much time to prepare for it. Turns out he played it incredibly well, and it's been one of his very few bright spots this entire series. I still don't get the entire Ballard fiasco but it's been going on all year so I really can't say I'm too shocked by it.

I think there is plenty to be optomistic about heading back to Vancouver for game 7, but there is always that feeling in the back of the mind "How are they going to **** this one up?".

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