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Originally Posted by detredWINgs View Post
I agree that Drake was awesome in the playoffs that year, but, per usual, you're giving it too much significance.

And of course I recognize there is certainly a quality over quantity component to this game, but here's some food for thought:

2007-2008 Playoffs:

1. Stuart - 59 hits in 22 games
2. Datsyuk - 56 hits in 22 games
3. Drake - 48 hits in 22 games (11.5 minute TOI average)
4. Homer - 45 hits in 22 games

Again, I understand the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to hits, but at what point does quantity become more important?

At this point?

2008-2009 Playoffs:

1. Darren Helm - 118 hits in 23 games. (12 min. TOI average)
That 08 team also had Kronwall killing guys left and right which he never does anymore.

Without a doubt that team was the most physical we have had post lockout and I think there is no coincidence that they happened to win that year.

Anyone can say I'm giving Drake too much credit, but the fact of the matter is they had more tough people (Drake, Mccarty), they had Helm playing with no real responsibilities except to go out there 10 mins a game and run everything that moves with his speed which he doesnt do anymore, Kronwalls highlighht reel from that playoffs alone is probably bigger than all the games combined hes played since, and they overall played a tougher style of hockey because of their personnel. When you have a guy like Drake who was absolutely demolishing guys, or Kronwall it lights a fire under other players ***** to do the same.

Now the wings have always been tops of the league, but the one time they were also pretty tough to go along with their skill they win a cup easily.

People here love to say it has nothing to do with it but wheres all our other cups when we've won the presidents trophy or been near the top of the league with no guys willing to throw the hits, sacrifice the body or wear down the other team with physical play?

Detroit always gets warn down over the course of the playoffs, in 08 they wore down other teams, this has a huge affect on games. Think Robidas was taking as much time with the puck after Drake got ahold of him a few times? I sure dont

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