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04-25-2011, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr. View Post
This is the way I feel about the situation.

Honestly, I think a thread where we contemplate potential targets via trade is more constructive than rehashing the Richards debate for another 200 pages. Like nyr2k2 said, there are compelling arguments on both sides. In the end, I just don't think it gets the Rangers where they're trying to go.
Okay, well, then please, start us off. I'm still waiting for someone to provide a reasonable and rational trade proposal that gets us a player that:

a) fills our immense holes as well or nearly as well as Richards does


b) can be acquired for an affordable price given our needs/strengths and organizational makeup and depth chart

Other than that one Paul Stastny rumor that was floating around earlier this season (and why the Avalanche would do that, I don't know, since having a one-two punch of Duchene and Stastny is obviously a huge advantage to have in this league), I can't think of a single player that would fit the prerequisites.

Originally Posted by wheresthebeef View Post
50-50 if its 3-5 years. Watching Drury, Gomez, Redden & possisbly Gaborik fail I dont think I want to watch another one fail in NY.
You know, last year, I needed a nice pair of loafers, but instead I bought a pair of sneakers. Not only did the sneakers not fill my need for a pair of loafers, but they were poorly crafted and uncomfortable to wear. As a result, I'm never going to buy anything that I need ever again.

Does this make sense to you, or you do you see the inherent logical disconnect there?

If so, perhaps you can see the same thing in your comment. I have a proposition: how about if, going forward, we no longer bring up Drury Gomez or Redden in regards to a potential Richards contract, since the latter have absolutely nothing to do with the former.

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