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04-25-2011, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by VanEric View Post
Am I missing something here? Did AV not declare up and down Luongo was his guy and he was starting Game 6 only the change his mind on gameday? Did that not happen?

You can't just mess around with players like that without ramifications. Say Vigneault shows up pre-game and says to Henrik that he's going to play 5 minutes on the 4th line while all the other centres move up a place. He'd do it, he'd try but there would be long lasting consequences to that move.

It was a desperation move by a desperate coach. Flipping back to Luongo is even more desperate. It's Schneider's time now.
Do you not understand gamesmanship? AV is the coach and if he thinks he can gain an advantage it's his perogative to try to do it. If the players are so "fragile" that they can't cope or adjust then thats on them. I can almost guarantee you it's NOT Schneider's time.

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