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04-25-2011, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by stalockrox View Post
I'm not claiming to be a goalie expert here, but I think that the fact Quick sees the puck a lot is an advantage. The Sharks take a ton of shots from the outside, into the giant crown on his chest, clear lanes from the blue line... You'll notice the games where Niemi has been good he's seen 30+ shots. I think he, like just about every other goalie, needs to make a couple of saves early to feel the puck, get his bearing and get comfortable. When the very first shot you see is a double deflection and the 2nd is a 2 on 1, doesn't give him much time to find his groove.

He needs to be better, no doubt about it and I'm not making excuses for him but there are goaltenders who need to see a lot of shots and he seems to be better when that happens. I also know the Sharks don't often give up a lot of shots, I'm just making an observation.

Also, comparing the Sharks goalie situation to the Flyers is just want to talk about a team winning despite their goaltending. Although, I really do miss Boosh and his Nabby impressions.
You are correct, sir.

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