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04-25-2011, 01:26 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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Not sure how Briere can be ragged on with digs about his defensive shortcomings when he's producing massively and making such a difference where and when it matters most. Last I checked he was a monster last year in playoff points almost breaking a record and this year is among the league leaders in goals. He continues to produce which is his role...he is not supposed to be Joel Otto out there and Carter is not paid to play that singular role either. You can pay sombody 1/3 the price to be defensive in a support role like an Otto or Handzus for that matter. This is not to downplay the importance of being well-rounded just that there are people paid to perform clearly defined roles like Betts and Powe. I don't expect them to score but I do expect Briere and Carter to score and produce to justify their long term contracts. So far Briere is holding his end of the bargain come playoffs apart from one year when he was injured so he gets a pass like Carter just that Carter has more of them...again not his fault but frustrating nonetheless especially when he starts out frustrated and slow before he gets injured.

Yesterday apparently Briere rose up in the locker room and said he was not ready to hit the golf course and went out and backed it up with two goals. Maybe one day when Carter is not frustrated with his lack of production/ROLE or injured we can say the same thing. So far I haven't seen it. is Meltzer's comments on Briere and JVR who has also "gotten" it and become a playoff force. Hopefully it continues with the both of them if our sucky goalies allow it

Win or lose, James van Riemsdyk has been a beast in this series. Meanwhile, Danny Briere has further built his legacy as Mr. Clutch in the postseason.

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