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04-25-2011, 03:01 PM
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hi fellas.

Leaf fan hee who has been cheering for you this series (Mike Richards is one of my favourite players).

My 2 cents on the situation;

IMO it is very similar to the Jose Theodore situation in Washington the last 2 years before this one; goalie carries the team on his back through the regular season yet as soon as things start to go south in the playoffs, they turn on him and never give him a second shot. Only difference is the Flyers took it a step further and sent him to the crowd.

I can't figure out why people like Leighton so much. He's a career minor leaguer who had several chances to show he's NHL capable but never has. If i was coaching against Leighton, i'd practice back door plays and cross ice east/west plays all day (similar to what the flyers are attempting on Miller). Cross ice plays are easily an achilles heel for Leighton; he is extremely shaky if you go up high on one and if you shoot low, you usually get a rebound.

Now in my opinion, Philadelphia has the best set of 18 skaters in the NHL, especially at centre. I was watching the last game with a fellow leaf fan and we agreed that Philly has 4 players who would all be #1 centres if they were in Toronto. So that does make Leighton look a lot better than he is and probably explains why (by his standards) he had a career year last year. Remember how he arrived in Philly; he won the backup job in carolina but was so bad he was waived. I can't see him having an epiphamy on the plane ride to Philadelphia.

I've read Bobrovskys comment and can't help but wonder if it was taken out of context; it's not unusual for a goaltender to have a bad day mentally, there's dozens of causes on that; don't sleep well the night before, equipment issues, minor injuries, mental blocks (you know how authors get writers block? hockey goaltenders get something similar) and quite often it is just a bad day. I mean even Patrick Roy; the strongest mental goalie of our time had some games (his last in montreal and that game 7 blowout in detroit) where he wasn't there mentally.

Look at other goalie controversies around the playoffs and compare it to philly's situation: Los Angeles a lot of people wanted Bernier to start game 5 (pretty sure they went into hiding now!) but the kings came out and said they didn't switch mainly beause it would leave an awful taste in Quicks mouth for the entire offseason. And Vancouver where they did switch goalies, they tried to pretend it was an injury to Luongo to avoid hurting his ego/confidence and throwing him under the bus. Why couldnt Philly pretend Bob had an injury? I'm sure he does of some sort, all goalies who played that many games at this stage do at some point. I don't necissarily believe Bob shouldn't have started game 3 but he should have been on the bench. I think dressing bob for game 3 would have answered a lot of the open questions going on now. Personally I like to follow closesly and see how a goalie reacts after getting demoted to the backup role in the playoffs. Theodore clearly worked hard and wanted to support his teammates and be ready to go if he got a second chance. Luongo last night barely took the net in the warmups and you could tell he looked off. Dressing bob as backup probably would have been a good indicator of him.

sorry for the long post, i am hoping you guys make the second round both due to Richards and for the sake of my hockey pools!

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