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Originally Posted by ke11y96 View Post
To me its still a matter of being in a cap world and getting the most for your money and I wouldn't be surprised if Drury, Wolski, and Avery are all bought out...

Their cap damage is 12.788

Bought out their damage is 4.7875

The difference is 8.0005 in cap dollars

The three gave us 1 goal and 4 assists in the playoffs..

In reg season it was 1 goal 4 assists in 24 games for Drury
Wolski was like 6 g 13 a in 37 games pace for roughly 40 pts
Avery 3 g 21 a in 76 games

48 points for almost 13 million in cap dollars I think if they can't move Wolski by the end of buyout period he's toast as is the other two because clearly Torts has moved on from the usage of Avery and Drury...
It's a no brainer that Drury cannot come back next year. Retirement would've been preferable, a trade would've been second best, but buying him out still is a net positive for this team.

Wolski's a bit tougher of a question, because there's definitely potential there, but I trust in Torts judgment, and I honestly don't think Wolski is ever going to figure it out. Of course Sather will try to trade him, but due to the favorable buyout rules for him, buying out Wolski makes a lot of sense.

Wojtek Wolski buyout from

* 2011-12: $466,667
* 2012-13: $666,667

Avery's the toughest decision, imo. He showed some value in the playoffs, which, I believe, redeemed himself in Torts eyes a bit. Brining him back to play with Boyle and Prust as a 3rd/4th line makes sense to me, because the value of buying him out isn't as big as Drury/Wolski. Avery costs us 1.93m against the cap. If we buy him out, the cost is split between us and Dallas:

* 2011-12: $1,208,333
* 2012-13: $1,333,333

Even at only half of that buyout cost, the savings for Avery are not enough to buy him out, imo. Even though I don't expect Avery to contribute significantly next year, I don't think you can replace him with $1.3m. In the case of a Drury ($3.3m in savings) and Wolski ($3.2m in savings) buyout, the savings outweigh their expected contributions to the team. Most importantly, the impact on our cap in 2012-2013 would be minor.

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