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Originally Posted by SJGoalie32 View Post
Not thus far in this postseason he isn't.

He's been at fault enough.....more than most playoff teams can afford, and without the tremendous other saves to back him up.

I mean look at Quick's performances. Most of the goals he's had absolutely no chance at. Maybe could've had one in Game 1 (Couture's goal) and maybe one or two in Game 4. BUT, Quick is also getting absolutely peppered with shots by wave after wave of talented forwards. He's already had a shutout. He posted a 51-save performance. He was otherwise fantastic in the Game 1 loss. Niemi had a few big saves in Game 4, and otherwise he's just looked mediocre to bad.

The Kings are losing DESPITE Quick. Even if Quick does give up a bad goal in a game, you go back to him because his track record in each game and the entire series affords him a mistake or two. The same cannot be said of Niemi thus far.

Niemi is only the "starter" because Niittymaki went down to injury earlier in the year.

In either case, you start the guy who gives you the best chance to win. I still thought Niemi might give the Sharks the best chance to win after Game 3. Now after seeing two solid performances by Niitty, I believe he is the one who gives the Sharks the best chance to win right now. At least in this series.

Maybe Niemi is fighting the puck more than usual right now. Maybe Niemi *could* be better than Niitty, he's not playing like it right now. Whatever the reason (fatigue, defense, whatever), I don't believe Niemi gives the Sharks the better chance of winning tonight. That being said, that doesn't mean the Sharks won't win with him tonight.

And if we're going to compare to other teams, then you should also look last year at Montreal and Philadelphia. Philly in particular got to Game 6 of the SCF going with whichever goaltender gave their best chance of winning....or at least, whoever had the best chance of finishing the game in one piece.

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