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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
No doubt, but he couldn't do much... and a guy who can't bend his knee isn't exactly capable of skating. Do you want Carter sitting on the bench in uniform acting like a cheerleader?
I have not read any reports about his knee, but there are forms of rehab which cna be done to help with all the above issues you have brought up, unless it is a tear in which case he would have been in surgery. Still trying to figure out exactly what is keeping him out.

Ah, if the knee is still swollen (entirely in the realm of possibility) then there isn't much you can do until that begins to go down. Additionally, he very well may hae started rehab... as said, how do you know he didn't do rehab AND go to a bar in the same day?
IF he is rehabbing and is suffering from swelling the last thing he should be doing is going out and being in a standing/sitting position, the proper care it to stay off the knee at all times, no weight bearing, a tens unit, ice, and elevation. So if he is serious about getting back to play the answer would be that going out is not the answer.

Yes, because folks calling in from BARS are reliable WITNESSES. And, as noted, even if he was in Mad River... I don't really care, the dude is allowed to have a life.
He can do whatever he wants during the offseason, but once the post-season hits it is all about business where a game can make the difference between a Cup and going home. Even being sighted in a place where he should not be is going to raise speculation, remove yourself from any possible situation that could raise any doubt.

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