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04-25-2011, 07:18 PM
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Originally Posted by NYROrtsFan View Post
I really can't imagine why any of you actually thought Drury would retire. Either way, this just lets us know the obvious. Happy that Torts intends to get rid of him.

And we need talent on this team... Just hoping these younger guys will turn into 1st liners is not good enough. You have to prepare for the idea that they won't, but hope that they do. Not just expect it to happen.

Consider me one of the people who want Richards.

And why some of you people want Prospal gone is beyond me. He had 23 pts in 29 games on a team that doesn't score. If he didn't come back like many of you wanted, we wouldn't have even made the playoffs. Throw in the fact that he is busting his ass out there constantly, while producing offensively, and it's great that we have him. He doesn't cost much either.
If you read the full comments by Torts,he thinks Drury and Prospal are done. Knee injuries. Drury should retire. Their knees are not going to get better over the summer.

“Well, you start with Vinny. I never thought Vinny would come back from the injury. He did. Very inconsistent and he readily admits that. His leg, I think his knee, at least talkng to him—and they’re going to do the MRI and all that stuff—but I think it’s structurally sound inside but he wasn’t able to develop the muscles around (it). And he struggled. He played really well at times and really struggled. He was very inconsistent. You have to think, you’ve got to make sure—Vinny’s getting older. He adds a tremendous quality to our team in just the way he is as a pro. These are things we have to talk about, and you don’t want to get into a situation where it’s a mistake and it takes the spot of another (player). He’s a skilled guy, but that’s something that we really have to talk about and assess and listen to what the doctors say about him and all.

“Same thing with Dru. Dru’s a guy that has a knee, and high marks for him, because I didn’t even expect him back. I was so happy for him when he scored the goal (vs. the Devils) and who knows? Because of that stupid rule we may not have even gotten in if Dru didn’t score a goal. Who knows what would have happened?

“But then as I watch him in playoffs, it was a bit of a struggle for Dru, honestly. He tried like hell, but he slowed down as it went on. I thought he did a great job in the role that he did as a killer and a faceoff guy. But again, this is something, honestly, that we have to look at, as far as, where does he fit now? Because we are going young. And we’re trying to build it up again. And with older guys, those are conversations that we have to have, as we continue here for the next few months.”

“Intangibles always come into evaluating. You just can’t let the intangibles override other things, too. Dru and I have a great relationship. We’ve been very honest with one another. Dru is getting older. That’s why he has this chronic knee, and it’s amazing that he was able to come back when he did. But we have to make decisions based on what’s best for the organization moving on, and I’m not saying—don’t get me wrong—but we have to be careful with all this stuff here. And it’s certainly not my total decision, but I have my thoughts, so these are all conversations we have to have.”

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