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Originally Posted by ceyhan View Post
I know I'm fairly new to this forum, but..

3 seasons, missed the playoffs once,
got knocked out in the first round TWICE.

We have been struggling offensively the entire time.

His coaching and strategies do not suit the skill-sets of our
current roster.

This dump and chase is ridiculous.
The line changes are ridiculous.

Can anyone think of two players that
had chemistry with each other other than Staal + Girardi
and MAYBE Prust + Boyle?

I am a DIE-HARD fan and want nothing but good for this team,
but this extension makes me upset.

This coach can not get it done.
I agree with you 100% that "torts can not score" and thats why I don't blame him for everything. If getting knocked out in the first round twice was the bar a lot of great coaches would have lost their jobs. Thats an arbitrary line to draw. His coaching doesn't suit the current roster? What is going to make them do better? Running and gunning like Ovechkin and Co. (arguably the most talented team in the conference) used to? Who is going to score that way? Grinding is how a team with this roster wins.

Who has chemistry? Well lets see...

Girardi + Staal with cannot be understated seeing as how that pairing was well beyond great this year. They were awesome.

The Dubi - AA - Callahan line had great chemistry at the beginning of the year and emerged again toward the end.

Sauer - McD became a second D pairing made of 2 rookies, neither of which were even a lock to make the NHL roster at the beginning of the season. They have a ton of chemistry and became a solid second pairing almost overnight.

Fed - Boyle - Prust was also a solid line for the bulk of the season that showed great chemistry.

Maybe the lines were changing because there was almost always a major injury?

Its not the coach that can't get it done IMO its the roster. Mainly because ~7 mill in capspace is going toward more or less nothing. Also, the team lost its heart and soul and debately its best player for the playoffs. If Callahan was there and they won this one series I think you'd be singing a very different tune. The roster isn't ready to go deep into the playoffs as it is. Even the best coach won't take a roster that isn't built to win a cup and take them there. There are many facets to a successful team.

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