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08-12-2005, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Johnny Utah
How did Brown earn it when he played only 30 games and had 1 goal, sure he played physical but he didn't put up any numbers? Cammy had 9 goals and 15 points in 30 games, those are good stats, better than Tripp, Carter, Straka, Sim, or any other scrub Murray played last year.

In my opinion they should both be on next years roster, but I'm sure Andy Murray will find a way to give vets and minor leaguers like Armstrong, Klatt, and Kostopolous there ice time and screw it all up...

If anything Cammy should have gotten the benefit of the doubt considering how well he played in the 2003 training camp before his injury. Brown should have gone back to juniors that year, not playing part time with the Kings on the 4th line. They mishandled both.
Forget pleading your case dude. I've tried a million different ways. Yet everybody here knows AM's system inside out. Fact of the matter is no one here knows why Cammy was demoted to the fourth, and it most certainly wasn't because he was on a slump. That's the excuse that our brass fed us, and I don't buy it for a minute. When Cammy finally got demoted to Manchester, none of the coaching staff even commented on it. Gilmore came in and said he'd be better off in Manchester. Again more propaganda that's been force fed.
I'm with you on everything you've stated. People think he needs to earn a spot, because AM says so.

I personally believe that it has to do with Cammy's confident (or cocky) attitude, that drives AM insane. Just speculation though. I have no idea. But I definitely don't buy into the slump thing..............Stats don't lie! I don't pay money to see Cammy win the Selke. I understand systems are important, but he needs to be flexible, just like that dork in Philly (Hitchcock)...........Who's one of the most anal retentive coach's in the league. You have to let some players do their thing.

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