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Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
The problem with many fans is that they see flashes of brilliance from a young player and think that they should get 20 minutes and displace every vetern high salary player. The reason why they look so good in short burst is that :
1-they are good, that is why they were drafted and made it past the AHL level
2-they are playing limited roles, which lowers their exposure to top defensive pairings

An 82 game regular season and 28 game playoff is not a sprint. In fact, even one game is not a sprint. So, in a short spurt, a young inexperienced player can look great, but they lack the consitency to be effective in a larger role. As well, they may have one element that makes them stand out. For a short while, the young player can run free iand repeat that one element, and look great but an opposing team will quickly identify it and counter it if they become to much of a threat.

A player with experience has gotten over this hump. They have had the opportunity to see many different variations of defensive pressure, they can improvise at the NHL level. The game has slowed down.

As much as you hate vertern X, it is rare that a player can come out of the blue and be a constant threat for many minutes in a game. Being that quick of a study requires serious skill.

An example, Taylor Hall did it, but Tyler Seguin did not. And Seguin may turn out to be the better player of the two, time will tell.

So, while you may love a few shifts of Lars Eller (as I did), he is not ready for 20 plus minutes of prime time hockey. If the Habs were a non-playoff expansion team, then yes, he would have more ice. But then, he could become just another Daigle or Pouliot.
That's a great assessment,and he also goes against the other teams bottom 6.I'd like to see him get tougher if he has it in him. That said,the other nite was the best he's ever looked imo

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