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Originally Posted by dogfox View Post
I dont see how you can compare the
two bottom line wolski had a really bad year and should not be judged based on 1 year

wolski gp393 246 points regular season +21 0.62 per game
gp27 17 points -3

average ice time this season 12:16
great passer
faster skater
way more creative
sees the ice better
can actually create chances and make a pass
harder more accurate shot
can play point on pp
desoent try hard every game
is not in the right position sometimes

dubinski gp316 179points regular season +8 0.56 points per game
gp22 15 points playoffs 0
average ice time per game this season 24:56

very strong on the puck
trys hard every game
can kill penalties
not afraid to go to the net
plays a gritty game
poor vision
cannot create plays
horrible offense awareness and finishing capabilities
lacks skill

bottom line wolski had a bad year. and everyone is judging him on that 1 year rather then seeing all his years and forget that last year playing on the coyotes reached 65 points in 80 gp. lets look at alex tanguay on average scores 70 points a season last year scored 30 something. is everyone that scored over 30 points last year beter then tanguay. ofcourse not he had a bad year. this year he had 69. players have a bad year.has wolski given a hard effert every game. I agree he has not. but lets be honest near the end of the season torts didnt play him eventhough he was playing hard and playing well defensively. I dont think he got the ice time. gee how a bout looking at it without biases and emotions. wolski out produces dubinski in every offensive category points plus minus shootouts goals assists. thats not my opinion or anybody elses those are facts. [B]and not to mention dubinski plays around double the ice time that wolski gets. if you do the math dubinski would have to be on the ice for 47 percent more ice time then wolski to equal wolski production.take about there is no way dubinski will ever reach 70 points because he simply doesent have the talent. although he can be a consistent 50 point guy. wolski has been a consistent 55 point guy if u minus this season. dubinski has not. wolski can potentially produce a point a game a way beyond.

dubinski is a great player but wolski is a different player and if he actually gets a kick in the ass and decids to actually try and shows some confidence and actually gets some frekin ice time hecan be a great player......
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