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04-25-2011, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by MaximusT View Post
Let's face it
If the kid's name was "Joey Peters" and he grew up small town America nearly every poster on this board would be exclaiming how the kid is an integral part of the team's future,blah,blah blah. But instead, he's a "lazy Russian floater".
"Below average sturdiness along the boards. Maybe the worst on the team. "
Right, EC says hello. As does #10. I'm assuming you don't remember how the Pack Line would cycle the puck and dominate along the boards, with the most zone possession of any of our 4 lines in any given game when they played together.

He's going to be 23 years old next season, matched Dubi/Cally's sophomore numbers and was a key part of our most consistent offensive line all season (and don't underestimate AA's impact on that line either. Dubinsky himself admitted Arty was a huge factor in their success). Torts has also said multiple times he loves the kid and considers him very coachable. In general, he's made great progress this season and according to interviews, isn't particularly impressed by it saying he still has a ways to go.

Why are all of you so quick to trade the kid?

If we get a solid top line with Richards to play along Gabby, then I would be completely ecstatic if we had the Pack Line as a great #2 unit. If AA bulks up and improves on FOs then they will be a very dangerous line next year.
Why **** with chemistry? It's obvious these guys have it, so why break it up.
Listen, Don't talk to me about Russian players. I have really bad man crushes and fetishes when it comes to Russian hockey. I just love it. Look at my flag. I'm Armenian and Russian hockey is what we grew up watching. I was devastated when Toots got traded. I have his jersey, and he's one of my favorite d-men in the league. Kovalev til this day is my favorite Ranger b/c of 1994. Right now my favorite hockey player in the league is Pavel Datsyuk. It's not about what country one is from for me. I'm just assessing what I'm seeing with my eyes. Everyone sees things differently.

As far as Christensen and all the other garbage. Who cares about the dead weight. It's not like they have any value on this club nor do they have any value for any other club. Anisimov on the other hand has value for both this club and others.

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