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Snubbed Again
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Patrick Roy is someone I can't argue against. He's fantastic..a top-3 goalie of all-time in my opinion and one of the clutchest players ever..Gerry Cheevers isn't better. However, what I will argue is that Cheevers' value goes higher when it comes to the playoffs. First off..53-34, 2.69 GAA, 8 SO. Statistics don't always tell the whole story..I know..especially considering he had a very good team in front of him. So let's pull some quotes out..Joe Pelletier calls him one of the best money goaltenders of all-time and points out a quote from former Bruins GM and Coach Harry Sinden, who said while Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito were valuable to their team, they would never have won those two cups without Gerry. Legends of Hockey also says that he is one of the best clutch goalies of his time, an era that saw some fantastic goalies play between the nets. Cheevers was an entertaining, controversial, relaxed goalie who increased his game in the playoffs. Therefore, he should be looked at as more valuable in this series.

First lines are obviously important...and there are some guys we have to watch out for with the Nighthawks. I love Jean Ratelle and while I don't know much on Burch and Gilbert, I like what I've read about them. One of the joys of the ATD is finding more info about other guys. Speaking of which..Frank Nighbor and Mickey MacKay are two guys I've learned a lot about. Both are tremendous two-way players with speed, a good stick and talent coming from their butts. Woody Dumart I knew a lot about already..Pelletier calls Woody a tremendous defensive winger with a timely scoring touch. Obviously I considered putting Dumart and Schmidt together, cause of their association on the Kraut line, but I actually like him better with Nighbor and MacKay as they all bring the same things to the table. Jean Ratelle is the best forward on the good thing I have Nighbor on the other side. He should neutralize Ratelle's offense pretty well. I also am confident MacKay (Nighbor Version 2.0) and Dumart should be able to shut down Burch and Gilbert, even if they are pretty solid offensively. So we know that our line can shut them down, but can they shut ours down? I don't know much on Gilbert and Burch but I'm pretty sure I never read about their defensive accomplishments. So...the plan is to create turnovers using our tremendous sticks and skating ability, and then quickly using that speed to create offense. So yes, these first lines will be matched up whenever we can get that done. I expect they will try and match Bob Gainey on our team, but that's fine. I like Hamby and Odie..but I don't think they can keep up with our first line..and if they can, so be it. At home though (which we play 4 games at..) they won't be against our first line...the Ratelle line will.

Our second line is more defense as well...but Schmidt can create some offense and I like the two guys we have with him. Guess what line that will be on? Yep..their second line. A line that I'm not that impressed with but one I'm forced to respect. Rick Martin is nice and all..but how good will be with without his two other parts of the French Connection. I'm willing to bet that Nilsson and Lemieux are no where near the level of Perreault and Robert. As for that second line of the Nighthawks, Nilsson is a great passer and all..I wanted him with Hedberg. However, Hedberg and Hull were the better two of the three. Nilsson's accomplishments in the NHL are a great proof for that one as he never finished top-10 in goals, assists or points in any of his seasons there. WHA..he had great totals but again, he was with two great linemates (one of which is on my third line) and the WHA also was lower competition. Nilsson is a poor second liner in my book. Lemieux..what the hell? He is not a second line player at the ATD matter if there are 40 teams or 4 teams. Claude has some clutch NHL performances..but sure..I'll gladly play against him if he's on the second line. He's more of a checking winger in my books. Again, I know he led the playoffs twice in goals...but he also had some mediocre playoffs and was never top-10 in goals, assists or points in the regular season. So in my books, he's not a good fit on a second line. He does bring some jam to this line though.

I like your third line, but I like mine too. Hedberg has some inflated stats due to the competition of the WHA but in a role where he shouldn't be up against anyone of great defensive ability, I fully expect that he can contribute a few goals. Feeding him is Saku Koivu..who's a very solid playoff performer that brings great leadership to the squad as well. Ryan Smyth will park himself in front of the net as well and we know what he can do. This line isn't a traditional third line, but I don't need a typical one due to my top-six.

Loving my fourth line. Everyone knows how much I like my pre-1900 guys and Clarence McKerrow and Jack Findlay are two examples of those talents of that era. Clarence McKerrow is called a gentleman, great skater, natural goal-scorer and diligant checker on hockey-notes. He was given 2 retro selke's, led the NHA in goals and points in 1887 and finished second in goals and points in 1896, 1898 and 1899 A two-time stanley cup winner and Lester Patrick's boyhood idol add to the impressive resume McKerrow has. Jack Findlay was a three-time selke winner who is noted as solid offensively..but unfortunately we only really have what Ultimate Hockey has to say about him. Don't know much on Keeling other then that he was consistent, reliable, physical and a clutch goal scorer. He had some teriffic playoff performances including leading the playoffs in goals once. Should add a little extra to this two-way fourth line.

I'll try and get to defense later.

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