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04-26-2011, 12:08 AM
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It won't matter to some in here but I used wood sticks for 35 years or so until 2 years ago when I switched to a 2 piece compo. I swore uop and down compos sucked until I used a good quality one. I'll never go back to wood again.

I must say the main difference is the flex points between wood and compos. Wood flex point is wherever your lower hand is on the shaft and a compo has a set flex point. I find quick snapshots with a compo to be a much quicker release than with wood.

The feel is not much different from wood and a good quality compo either. buy $50 junk for a compo and you get junk, the same can be said for a cheap woodie. Spend some good money on a wood stick and you will be happy with wood.

If you know how to shoot and shoot hard and make hard redirect passes and are skilled use a compo. Wood is weak and won't last long. If you can't shoot to save your life but can dangle you may prefer wood as they will last you a long time if you are not a shooter.

Why spend $40 on a good woodie when it will only last you sometimes one session if you shoot slapper? A compo lasts me about a year or more when I used to go through 2 woodies a month. I've broken woodies sometimes the first day I used it just shooting slappers at practice.

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