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04-26-2011, 12:31 AM
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Some season ending thoughts

- Kings fought hard, some guys like Richardson, Lewis, Quick and Simmonds really stepped up. Other guys like Doughty (outside of Game 2) and Greene were nothing short of abysmal.

- Murray will return but Kompon should not. All year we talked about the PP, and sure enough it does us in. Yes we scored a couple tonight on broken plays, but when the game was on the line we could barely even set it up. You just look at how much SJ gets their point men involved. If Drew or Jack were on the Sharks they would score 15-20 points more a year. Unfortunately the Kings lowest common denominator PP system of throwing pucks at the net totally goes against their strengths. The Kings employ a PP that a low level ECAC or CCHA team would use. Even though they have 2 dynamic offensive d-man.

- The Kings need to add a couple of top 6 forwards to take the next step. The Kings still have a gaping hole on the LW and more importantly a gaping hole up the middle on the 2nd line. Lewis looks the part to be the 3rd line center for years to come. He even showed some offensive flash this series. Handzus is likely off to Europe and Stoll just doesn't fit, not skilled enough to be a scorer, nowhere near the defensive level of Lewis and to expensive for a 4th line roll. The Kings will miss Stoll in the circle, but they can't justify his salary for what he brings elsewhere. The bigger question is do the Kings add from UFA, trade or the system. Best guess is Loktionov is given a chance to be the 2nd line center and they add a skilled winger or someone capable of playing the wing in FA. Smyth and Penner both return with a combined cap hit of $10.5. Smyth was excellent in the playoffs but lets not forget there were long stretches where he was one of the worst players on the team. Penner is a total enigma but just might be one of those guys who can only produce with a star center on his line, something he certainly never had with Handzus and Stoll once Kopi went down.

- Sometime between now and the deadline next season the Kings need to commit to one goalie and trade the other one for an asset that will improve the team. The Kings have to many holes to fill to keeping two valuable goalies.

- Lets hope Drew Doughty had his sophomore slump in his junior year because he was disappointing for a good chunk of the season and in the playoffs.

- The Matt Greene experiment just has to come to an end. This is Case #1 that I would use in why Murray/Lombardi hockey is bad. Why is this guy wearing an A? And where was the accountability for his play in this series? Matt Greene was without question the worst player on either team and TM just continually went to him time after time. No matter how many times he was burned on the ice or how many dumb penalties he took. Matt Greene may have served a purpose as a class clown type on a young, bad and growing team. But if this team wants to contend next season they cannot afford to have Greene's awful plays and dumb penalties in the lineup.

- Johnson, Scuderi and Mitchell were very steady in this series for the most part. Almost everytime you looked up and a mistake was being made it was by #2, #8 or #53.

- Kyle Clifford and Brad Richardson. What can you say about these two guys. I really hope they can carry it over to next season. But knowing TM he will break up this line and/or make Richardson a healthy scratch. Richardson must have won 80% of his board battles this series, it was a joy to watch.

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