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04-26-2011, 01:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Can we just get some offense from other guys than Cammy, Gio, AK, Plek and PK please?

Feels like Gomez and the bottom 6 will never score a goal for us.
Those 5 have 8 goals in 5 games. We could use more goals from everyone.

I don't care if Price shoots the puck down and it goes in. A goal is a goal. Hell, if Scott Gomez scored 6 goals in one game and we won 6 - whatever that would be great. Though, scoring 6 goals in 1 game would put him 1 behind how many he had in the season over 80 games.

Cams - Pleks - Akost
Moen - Eller - Gio
Darche - Halpern - White
Pyatt - Gomer - Pools/Weber

What clearer message to send to Gomez that he's useless than to make him play on the 4th line in an elimination game. Not too mention, to show Eller that he's an important part of this team moving forward and that he's been playing well by entrusting him with 2nd line duties and somewhat more capable players (Gio)

What will really happen.

Moen/Darche/Pools/Youppi - Gomer - Gio
Cams - Pleks - Akost
Moen/Darche - Halpern - Pyatt
Pools/Weber - Eller - White

4th line is sat 10 minutes into the 1st. Gomez makes a terrible pass, Spacek falls and Boston scores. Eller is benched and never sees the ice again. White is benched shortly after that for being too physical. If it's Pools, he was benched after the puck was dropped. If it's Weber he'll just get benched along with White.

Martin starts to roll 3 lines, but quickly stops using the 3rd line and just rotates them as wingers on the Gomez line.

We're down 3-1 going into the 3rd. Habs play defensive, wait for your opportunity hockey until 6ish minutes to go before they realize that Boston is content to keep the puck in the habs zone and not really forecheck because Julien likes to sit back and play wait hockey too. Habs put on a furious attack on the Bruins getting closer each time and Bruins fans become nervous and very concerned that they'll break soon, but at the 1:30 mark left in the 3rd the habs attack suddenly becomes disorganized, slow and not as dangerous because the 2 lines + rotating wingers are out of sync with each other and tired from playing 35 minutes of the game themselves. They're frustrated and no longer can get into the Bruins zone. They finally get it in deep with 37 seconds to go, only to lose the board battle because they have 5'9 Cammalleri, 5'7 Gionta, 5'11 Gomez and just coming off the bench 6'0 Andrei Kostitsyn. Akost decides to go for the hit and effectively stops his man, but that creates a 2 on 2 where it's Subban and stupid Hamrlik. Hamrlik gets blown by and hooks on to a player enough to get a penalty, but not enough to take him down. Subban sprawls on the ice like he always does to break up the pass across, but it doesn't work and Lucic gets the goal making the score 4-1.

Bruins celebrate with a chorus of boos. As the remaining time ticks down the habs fans there start chanting "ole" for some odd reason. Handshake takes place. Habs skate to their dressing room and give out the same old clichés. Pierre Gauthier takes a vacation and his scheduled date of return June 23rd to focus on the draft, then on June 26th he starts to focus on our impending free agents.
Come on jinx!

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