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04-26-2011, 02:50 AM
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Anyone have any educated guesses on when Round 2 might start? I'm supposed to work on Wednesday night, am on call on Thursday night and work Friday night. I'm wondering if I should start trying to switch stuff around with someone...or start developing a cough.

I tried to look up past playoff schedules to figure out how many days they usually have between rounds, but it proved to be more difficult than I thought. I assume they wait until both conferences are done with the first round before starting second round games, right? The latest currently scheduled games are Wednesday, but they're both Eastern Conference teams. The West will be done by tonight (Tuesday).

So, will there only be one day of rest between rounds or do they typically do a couple more?

Aaaah, the anxiety of working night shift and not getting the playoff schedule until the last minute...(and the inconvenience of only getting the major networks at work, so even games on Verus can't be slyly turned on during my shift. Blast!).

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