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Originally Posted by The Grouch View Post
I think what the Cardinals are going to have to do is take a similar path to a lot of NHL teams... Pay a handful of players big money and fill out the rest of the roster with cost controlled homegrown talent. I question whether or not the Cardinals farm system is strong enough for this, but it has certainly become better in recent years. Build around players like Pujols, Wainwright, Holliday, Molina, Rasmus, and fill in the rest of the roster with cheap players(Skip Schumaker, Nick Punto, etc.) and/or cost controlled players(Rasmus, Freese, Jay, Craig, Garcia, etc.).

I think the Cardinals should take a lesson from the mid-nineties Blues and the way they handled the Brett Hull situation, it wasn't the franchise's proudest moment. If this current Cardinals ownership/management team lets Pujols walk, it WILL be their defining moment.

With all that being said, 10 years @ 300 million, come on Albert, don't be a greedy d-bag.
To be fair, there was only really one direction for the farm system to go. While it has got better, it would be a stretch to even call it middle-of-the-pack in relation to the other MLB teams.

I agree that having a few top players and then padding out the rest of the roster with cheap/cost-controlled players.

When it comes down to the Pujols deal, I do wonder how much of an impact La Russa has on it. I think the Cardinals should be looking in another direction come next season (Oquendo), but TLR and Pujols are very close. Pujols hinted a couple of seasons back that a decision to remain in St. Louis could be affected by whether or no La Russa is manager.

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