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04-26-2011, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by vipernsx View Post
Banged up the 2nd half and he still plays a ton of the important minutes. Hockey isn't about the offensive game. If you're paying Sauer 1.5m for 1 years worth of solid defensive play then you're sure as hell going to pay Boyle more than 1.25m, especially at his age. 1.25 is Gilroy money and that's insulting to Boyle. Try at least double that 2.5 - 2.75 for the guy who the coach uses to start every game and plays in the last minutes of every game, 6'7", 250lbs, 20 goal scorer, center.....definitely worth a lot more than 1.25m.
Hockey isn't ONLY about the offensive game, but that still matters quite a bit. I said 1.5 would be the max that Sauer gets. I'm not sure he'll get that much.

Boyle had 6 points in 71 games last year. 6. He's also 26 years old. He had a breakout year, finally, but his numbers still weren't that great. And it's insulting that he should make more than twice what he made this year?

Christensen put up 26 points in 49 games with the Rangers last year. He was the same age that Boyle is now, 26. That earned him a 2 year deal @ 925k per year. Prust put up 9 points in 26 games, also at the age of 26, and earned a 2 year deal @ 800k per.

Torts is already on record as saying that he thought Boyle would be in Hartford this year, and that Boyle surprised him by making the team. So Boyle's only a year removed from potentially being a complete washout in the NHL. One season where he scored 21 goals and 35 points isn't enough for any GM to give him 2.5 -2.75 mil per year. You're crazy if you think so.

Like I said, he will get a 2 year deal between 1 and 1.25 mil. Count on it.

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