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04-26-2011, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Revelation View Post
Did you even read my post?

I specifically cited draft picks and prospects. Moving up in the draft helps us get more talented players. I would rather have the chance at getting high-end talent than endless depth. Other teams would rather trade away picks and prospects for a known quantity that fills a hole in their lineup right now. Both teams would benefit. It's not that hard to understand.
High draft picks are not the ultimate goal of any organization - building a team is. So when you suggest trading two young and cheap centers - who's going to replace them? You can't put a draft pick in a line up - you need a player. Our center position is currently build as follows:

1. ------ (potentially BR)
2. Anisimov / Stepan
3. Stepan / Anisimov
4. Boyle

Who's replacing Anisimov and Boyle if they are traded per your suggestion?

1. ------ (potentially BR)
2. Stepan (sophmore next season)
3. ------
4. ------

There are no other centers in the organization. Even with BR, what happens if a center gets hurt who's going to be a replacement? And if you say we are going to get it in a trade please give us a NAME of a young, offensiviely skilled, solid sized, good defensively and cheap (ALL of these are important). Unless you getting a player like Stamkos, Toews, Getzlaf etc you don't include player like Anisimov in your package.

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