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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
That's fine, and I'm sure there are good people who join them for whatever reasons they think justify going through all the stupid **** like hazing, yearly fees and drinking until you puke every weekend. However, stereotypes exist because they are generally accurate, and for whatever reason people love to fill them instead of breaking them, proving that it's not always the same everywhere you go.

No, I have not been a member of a fraternity, but I am friends with people who were, and I have been to several fraternities, on several different campuses. I have met more fraternity brothers than I care to remember. The majority of them are exactly like the stereotypes portray them, at least from the initial impressions I received from most of them, and the few I got to know better didn't really prove it was just the hype of being in a fraternity environment.

My only close friend who was a member of one ended up dropping out of school 2 years in. He can tell me degrading story, after degrading story about parties, hazing, petty theft, drug and alcohol abuse, but never once did he talk about something fascinating he learned in class, or how they did something positive within the community. While the stories are funny, I admit, you can't help but think the whole time, "I'm just glad I'm not that guy!" Not, "Holy **** I want to join a frat!"

Sorry, maybe I am biased, but I have yet to hear (your story aside) or see anything positive about these fraternities that warrant looking at them from any other perspective than the one they harbor through poor reputation, and pop culture.

Sorry if I offended you, though. Glad there are people who don't just join them for the *****es and beer.
While I don't agree with your generalization about frats, the only time I will join in on making fun is during the weekends when their dads come visit. I remember going out to eat and some frat kids were with their dads, and they had this cocky demeanor like their son was better.

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