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Originally Posted by dogfox View Post
people are saying stepan can be a number 1 center in the future. i think maybe tops number 2 he scored a point a game in college. but college hockey is not even close to as competetive as the chl ohl and qmjl. stepan a good player but dont compare to future number one centers as crosby malkin backstrom spezza thoprton cause I just dont see that. he can be maybe a good 2nd to third line center.

Now as far as talent it goes gaborik then wolski then maybe christianson. why people are comparing christenson to wolski is beyont me wolski n average scores 55 points minus this season. has christenson ever scored 40. wolski had 65 playing on the freakin coyotes. in junior wolski scored 128 points in 58 games playing center. I know his play without the puck is not the greatest. but how often do u say that was a bad decision or bad play by wolski when he has had the puck. not to often. he creates chances when hes got the puck. but when he deosent have the puck I admit
sometimes floats around and desent try hard.

Torts has tryed the christenson that project should be done.

try wolski at center gaborik needs a skill guy not boyle stepan anosimov arent even close to wolskis talent level.

its a new season try wolski in the middle he will have the puck more and when he has the puck he makes great plays. on the wing you get the puck flat footed with no speed or time. you need to put your most creative players in the middle.

torts give it a try
Ill take neither on my team but if i had to choose between one i would take Christ that is how bad Wolski is. I dont give a damn how many points he got in junior or with the Coyotes who by the way couldint wait to trade him... The guy does nothing for the Rangers skill wise and thats a problem because he does even worse without the puck. He has no puck protecting ability whatsoever and throws the puck away and chance he gets. He looks as lost as ive seen anyone on the ice.

I will agree with one thing from my own experience that playing on the wing for centermen is akward and not easy from my own experience but W2 has played wing for many years so i doubt that would make a difference. Hes to slow, not strong enough for a center position. Give it up.

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